Monday, 30 December 2013

DIY Plants In Bath Basket

 It is always good to have plants in your bathroom especially when there is no window in your bathroom. The plants can fill up your bathroom with their refreshing green color which will be really soothing to your eyes whenever you visit your bathroom. Plants will make your bathroom even more inviting and lively. Usually people do not have plants in the bathroom because they might lack space for the plants in their bathroom or either they cannot maintain them due to lack of sunlight in the bathroom. Thus artificial plants are a good option to have in your bathroom instead of real plants. They require no maintenance and look amazing throughout every season.

Today I will share with you a brilliant idea to decorate your bathroom with plants. For that you will need an old crate, some fresh green paint and a bunch of plants.

To begin with, write "Bath" with a pen on the crate so that you have a stencil to work on. Then using the green paint and paint brush write on the stencil you created earlier. Use a thick coat of paint as wood tends to absorb a lot of paint. Once done with the paint let it set till it is completely dry otherwise the paint might move in other direction spoiling your hard work.

Meanwhile in your bathroom select a corner and place a ladder there. The ladder will provide multiple uses in your bathroom. First it will hold your bathroom accessories like towels, gels, brush etc. and provide storage space if you do not have a cabinet in your bathroom. Secondly it will create a focal point in your bathroom and act as a decorative element. You can now place your plant basket next to it and fill it with some lush green plants and see the difference it creates in your bathrooms.


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