Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My Key Chain Makeover

My Key Chain Makeover

How many of you like to see or have their names on the stuff you own? I just love collecting things that have my name on it. This key chain is one of my personal favorite among the Amber stuff collection that I have, which I would love to share with everyone soon. This key chain was a gift to me on my last birthday from my very special uncle Sam. He makes amazing handmade wood crafts. I have been using this key chain since last year and got some what bore from it as it lacked color. Me being a color loving person just can not stay away from color. Yes I am guilty! So I decided to give my beloved key chain a make over.

Here are the things I used for my key chain makeover. I used some pink paint for the alphabets in my name and black paint for the polka dots on the base of the key chain with the help of a cotton swab. For the sparkle I added few studs.

First I painted the alphabets and then let it dry completely.

 Once it was completely dry I used a cotton swab to make the polka dots on the key chain base.

I glued the studs in the alphabets "A, B & E".

Here is the final look of my Amber key chain.

Do let me know what you think of it! Your feedback is what gets me going! 

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