Thursday, 21 November 2013

6 Step Easy DIY Christmas Tree

6 Step Easy DIY Christmas Tree

Christmas preparations have already begun as it is almost the end of November and the festive season is here. This Christmas I wanted to try something new, creative and of course colorful. So I made this very easy and full of color Christmas tree for my living room. 

Things You Need:

Things you will require are crepe paper in two colors red and green, chart paper, a thermocol sheet, paper cutter, stapler, marker, scissors, glue gun, and glitter in different colors.

Step 1:

I used green chart paper to create a cylindrical shape cube for the tree trunk. Just simply roll the chart paper and secure it with glue or staple it like I did.

Step 2:

For the cone, I used the red chart paper by rolling it in a cone shape and then placed it on top of the paper trunk I made earlier.

Step 3:

I made paper fans using crepe paper to create the image of leaves on the tree. The paper fans are really easy to make just cut the crepe paper in four equal halves and begin to fold the paper length wise. Then staple the ends to make the fan shape. Follow the steps in the picture below if you have any confusion.

Create as many crepe paper fans as you want. The more the merrier! 

Step 4:

Take one fan and stick an edge to another fan to create a bigger fan.

Step 5: 

 Now start gluing them to the cone. Make layers of green and red fans on the cone to create a colorful effect. The more fans you will use the more better and thick your tree will look.


Step 6: 

I made these cute little glittery stars to decorate my Christmas tree. I took a thermocol sheet and drew star shapes with a marker using a free hand. Then with the help of a paper cutter I cut of the stars. I glued the stars and then dipped them in the glitter.

 Here is the final look of my very own DIY Christmas Tree!

Isn't it cute? :) 

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  1. I love making x-mas trees and yours are so cute. Thanks for sharing visiting from Moonlight and Mason jars hop. I'm lorraine at Have a great day

    1. Lorraine thank you for coming over and for the appreciation! Making Christmas tree is one of the best things about Christmas! :)

  2. This little tree is just too cute. Thanks for sharing with us at our Thursday Favorite Things Blog Hop. I can't wait to make this with my kids. They will love it. I'm also your newest GFC follower. I'm very glad I found your blog.

    1. Hey Angel thanks a lot for having a great link party! I am sure your kids will love to make it, it's really easy to make! Thanks for following! :)