Thursday, 31 October 2013

10 Ways of Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Color Scheme

10 Ways of Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Color Scheme 

Knowing how to put together different colors to create attractive space is a great skill. Some people instinctively know how to match colors, and some people spend a lot of time honing this skill through various decoration projects in their own home. To help you out with choosing color for your bedroom, I have put together a short guide with 10 bedroom color scheme ideas.

1) Many people go for blue bedrooms because this color soothes the eyes and has a pacifying effect on us. One simple version of a blue bedroom is to have most of the furniture and walls some shade of blue, with occasional white showing through (white linen, a rug, lamp, etc.)

2) The second is a more stylish version of a blue bedroom. You can paint the walls blue and have blue bedspread, but introduce some vibrant color to jazz up the space. This can be an orange lamp with orange stripes on a white rug, or orange photo frames on the wall, on a cabinet, etc.

3) If your bedroom armchair, curtains or some other item in the room has an interesting and colorful pattern, choose the same pattern or one color in this pattern for your walls and bedspread, and another for decorative pillows on the bed.

4) Here’s a combination that works really well in the bedroom: pink and purple furniture with beige walls and small details.

5) People who like the outdoors should bring nature motifs into their bedroom. So, flower-patterned linen and curtains, with yellow or green walls and some red accents.

6) If you are not looking to experiment with colors in the bedroom, but rather want to create a peaceful place for a good night’s sleep, choose soft neutral colors that will not attract a lot of attention. Light gray, beige and white are usually chosen for neutral bedroom color scheme. 

7) If you have difficulties figuring out a color for your bedroom, there are simple ways to solve this problem. Check out your wardrobe and see which colors dominate your clothes. Use the same colors to decorate your resting area, because these colors obviously make you feel good and safe.

8) Some interior designers have a 60-30-10 rule, which means that 60% of the room should be the dominant color (usually the walls), 30% secondary color (furniture), and 10% comprise the rest of the room. 

9) Another trick to jazz up a bedroom is to include a black detail: black lampshade, rug, mirror and photo frames, etc. 

10) Contrast works well in most rooms, so why not try it in the bedroom as well, but make sure the colors are not too aggressive. Dark gray and fuchsia can work out very nicely against crisp white walls. 





  1. Hi Amber!
    These tips are great. I go for a nature inspired bedroom, I love leaves and other natural touches, I feel that they are relaxing, I also love blue for a bedroom.
    I have something special for you in the blog:
    Happy week! Xo, Elba

    1. Hey Elba!!!!!! Thank you sooo much for sharing your views!!! :) and wowwww let me just see it! :P

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