Thursday, 31 October 2013

10 Ways of Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Color Scheme

10 Ways of Choosing the Perfect Bedroom Color Scheme 

Knowing how to put together different colors to create attractive space is a great skill. Some people instinctively know how to match colors, and some people spend a lot of time honing this skill through various decoration projects in their own home. To help you out with choosing color for your bedroom, I have put together a short guide with 10 bedroom color scheme ideas.

1) Many people go for blue bedrooms because this color soothes the eyes and has a pacifying effect on us. One simple version of a blue bedroom is to have most of the furniture and walls some shade of blue, with occasional white showing through (white linen, a rug, lamp, etc.)

2) The second is a more stylish version of a blue bedroom. You can paint the walls blue and have blue bedspread, but introduce some vibrant color to jazz up the space. This can be an orange lamp with orange stripes on a white rug, or orange photo frames on the wall, on a cabinet, etc.

3) If your bedroom armchair, curtains or some other item in the room has an interesting and colorful pattern, choose the same pattern or one color in this pattern for your walls and bedspread, and another for decorative pillows on the bed.

4) Here’s a combination that works really well in the bedroom: pink and purple furniture with beige walls and small details.

5) People who like the outdoors should bring nature motifs into their bedroom. So, flower-patterned linen and curtains, with yellow or green walls and some red accents.

6) If you are not looking to experiment with colors in the bedroom, but rather want to create a peaceful place for a good night’s sleep, choose soft neutral colors that will not attract a lot of attention. Light gray, beige and white are usually chosen for neutral bedroom color scheme. 

7) If you have difficulties figuring out a color for your bedroom, there are simple ways to solve this problem. Check out your wardrobe and see which colors dominate your clothes. Use the same colors to decorate your resting area, because these colors obviously make you feel good and safe.

8) Some interior designers have a 60-30-10 rule, which means that 60% of the room should be the dominant color (usually the walls), 30% secondary color (furniture), and 10% comprise the rest of the room. 

9) Another trick to jazz up a bedroom is to include a black detail: black lampshade, rug, mirror and photo frames, etc. 

10) Contrast works well in most rooms, so why not try it in the bedroom as well, but make sure the colors are not too aggressive. Dark gray and fuchsia can work out very nicely against crisp white walls. 




Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Smart Wall Art

Smart Wall Art

Whenever I see a plain wall it seems to me like big blank canvas which we can use to show our creativity and all the creative ideas that we have saved in our creative box (our brain). Using wallpapers to decorate the walls is quite out of fashion, its more about creating a focal point using the wall, which can standout from the rest of the room rather than using a wallpaper which will just merge your walls into each other. Wall art can be simple yet effective. You can use multiple frames of different shapes and sizes and hang them on a wall. The frames can contain different printed fabric with unique patterns or use some old paintings or family pictures. Stickers is also a good option to enhance the wall if you lack drawing and painting skills. If you really want to push your boundaries go for pop art on the wall.Using a bold color as a base on the wall will give lift to your art work. Make sure you paint only that one wall which you plan to use as a focal point in your room, leave the rest of the walls white or use any natural colors for them. The key to have a perfect wall art is to have a perfect finish on your walls first thorough surface preparation. You can prepare your old painted walls by cleaning them with sugar soap.Once the sugar soap is dry you can rub the walls with glass paper.







So bring your walls to life and express your personality while creating a piece of art using your walls.


Friday, 11 October 2013

HALLOWEEN SPOOKYNESS DIY - Halloween Friday Linky Party

Halloween 2013 is almost here! Its time for some spooky decorations at the vanity room. Today I will show you my Halloween fireplace makeover.


Yes I have a very outdated heater and a very boring mantel. I've been empty for quite some time now so I decided to give it a spooky Halloween makeover. I didn't buy anything new, just used all what I already had in my house like candles, some garlic, sticks, wooden spoons, a stuff toy crow, table runner, some twigs, a cute witch mug and hat.


First I cleaned the mantel area and laid the table runner. I loved its rough woolen edges with the orange and purple doted lines pattern on it.

Then I placed the big witch hat I had on the left side and after that I placed the framed flower impression art piece next to it.

I created a garlic flower bouquet by inserting a stick in the garlic bud. It looked so cute in the witch mug.

In the fifth step I arranged all the other decorative pieces that I had gathered for this Halloween. These garlic spoons added a very rustic element to the whole decor.

Here is a witch coming out of a chimney with a garlic broom I made for her. The chimney is actually a candle stand.

I loved the lace and flowers on this mannequin's dress. It did not had a face so I decided to give i a garlic head. Very spooky isn't it!

The twigs filled up the empty space next to the mantel and the crow filled up the empty twigs.

Here is the final look of the mantel, classic gloomy and spooky for the Halloween. I would suggest you all to use all what you already have just think out of the box and set your creative ideas free.

Hope this might be some source of inspiration for your Halloween decor. Do comment , I am always looking for your feedback! Till next time Happy Halloween to all!


Time for Halloween Friday Linky Party
Hello to all the fantastic people around! I welcome you to my first Link Party! It’s almost time for Halloween and we all are going crazy with our spooky creepy decorations. I would love you all to link up your creative spooky crafts, DIYs, makeovers or any ideas you may have to make this Halloween even more spookier! So let’s get started and join in the Halloween craze. Don’t forget to share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ or where ever they are!

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The Monochrome Factor


The classic monochrome factor has always been in fashion. It adds a mystic element to any room. The whites against the blacks is a win win situation if nothing else seems to work out.



Having the sofa in basic color with monochrome cushions in different patterns looks very elegant. The best part is you will not have to worry about getting it dirty every time you invite your friends and family for dinner or just a simple gathering as the black and white patterns will hide the dirt. 


Monochrome effect can also be added in kids room as well. A simple monochrome rug will do the magic.

I love wall art, especially a solid lock of color on the wall makes it stand out in the room. You can enhance the wall with a vibrant color and put up monochrome art work to break the vibrant effect.