Friday, 20 September 2013

Reuse Your Suitcase

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Suitcases are mostly used when you need to travel somewhere but what do you do with them when they get old or lose their good condition.  So instead of throwing them away why not create some useable items which look awesome and are even very practical. To begin with I have something for pet lovers! Stuff your suitcases with comfy cushions and make a room for your pets. You can also insert stands for support or skip the stands and place it directly on the ground.

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Suitcases make wonderful tables and side tables. You just need to stack a few suitcases on top of each other and create a table where you can put for important stuff or even some decoration pieces which will really enhance the look of your room.

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Have you ever thought of traveling the world while sitting on a chair? Well now you can use your suitcases and convert them into unique chairs by easily attaching four small legs to it and stuff in some filling, sit back and recall all your travel adventures in which this suitcase accompanied you.

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Suitcases can also function as drawers or small cabinets. 


  1. Ooh I LOVE suitcases. I have a few in my guest room that are in need of some legs so I can have 2 side tables instead of just 1 pile of suitcases. Thanks for the inspiration!!
    Shannon @ Sewing Barefoot

  2. Thanks for going through the post Shannon! and yeah the suitcase side tables will look great in your guest room. I hope you find the legs for it soon! :)

  3. Hi Amber!
    I adore the beds for doggies, they are super cute and so easy to make. Thanks for sharing these awesome ideas.
    Xo, Elba from Live Colorful

  4. Oh my gosh, the suitcase that's turned into the little tufted seat is the cutest thing ever! I've never seen anything like that!

  5. Yes it is a really unique idea! I love it as well! :)