Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Memories on Display

Feeling nostalgic? Restore the moments you once lived and cherish them every day by displaying your memorable photos using various creative ideas instead of using same old ugly, boring frames in your house. 

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Get an old pickled jar, your family photos and some glue. Measure your jar to see how many photos can be fitted in and trim extra sides for a proper fix.  Then glue your photographs inside of the jar and use accessories to decorate it. You can also light a blub inside and give it a glowing effect. You can make this special memory jar and gift to your loved ones on special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries.  

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Twigs and small tree branches can used to hang your photographs. Use multicolor ribbons to add more color. This family tree can be placed on side tables.

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Instead of making a cluttered mess by having all your favorite family  photos scattered all over your place, organize them in frames using chicken wire and clothing pins and call it a family clipboard. Add personalized notes and clip them against your pictures to describe that moment.

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Walls are also a good option to hang your pictures but use it to create a collage of your pictures this way it will not only look unique but also help create a focal point in your room.  

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Photo clock is my personal favorite. Use your photos as digits in the clock and place them on a wall while using an old plain clock in the middle. I would recommend you to use pictures of different shapes and sizes to make it look like a master piece.

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Stack your photographs in a spare bicycle wheel.
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Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out the best possible place to hang your old and new photos or those vacation pictures you have just got developed. Try out and use some of these inspirational and creative ways to display your photos for trip down the memory lane and relive all those joyous moments again.


  1. Love the "family tree" idea. How cool!! Great round up of projects to personalize your home :)
    Shannon @ Sewing Barefoot

  2. Shannon thank you so much! The family tree idea is also one of my personal favorites! Its so easy to make and yet so cost effective! :)