Monday, 17 March 2014

7 Ways To Use Geometric Designs In Home Decor

7 Ways To Use Geometric Designs In Home Decor


1) Geometric Design Wall Art:

2) Geometric Design Wallpaper:


3) Geometric Design Rug:


4) Geometric Design Chairs:


5) Geometric Design Furniture:


6) Geometric Design Accessories:


7) Geometric Design Mix & Match:


Friday, 14 February 2014

Valentines Decor - Love is in the Air!

Valentines Decor - Love is in the Air!


Thursday, 6 February 2014

Jazz Up Your Bathroom with 7 New Ideas

Hi my name is Sue Jason and I am a blogger at My-bathrooms blog I have a passion for sharing ideas which include home improvement and decor. Today I will tell you how you can inject a dose of awesomeness with these brilliant new ideas and kick life in your boring dull bathrooms.

1)   Cool Color Combo

Keep your bathrooms colorful and vibrant. Pick colors that are refreshing and gives you an instant mood up lift the moment you step into your bathroom. One of my most favorite color combinations for a bathroom is green and blue. The citrus green adds a very fresh element in your bathroom and if you think it is too sharp for you then contrast it with blue. The blue will smoothen and calm down the sharp effect of green. Read up more about bathroom color schemes at Better Homes and Gardens.
2)   Ultra-Modern Layout 

If you are planning to remodel your old bathroom than pick a layout that is completely unique and modern!

3)   Latest Basin Tap

As technology has developed you can find so much new variety of basin taps in the market now. These latest basin taps from MyBathrooms are so cool, the water flow from the tap generates energy allows light to transform from cold to hot providing a stunning visual effect.

4)   Vanity Unit

5)   Statement Bath Tub

Get modern free standing bath tubs to replace your old bath tubs. They can make your bathrooms stand out as these look like statement art pieces and not just bath tubs.

6)   Vibrant Toilet Seat

Have you ever thought of using a toilet seat that is bursting with colors?
7) Think out of the box!

Yes! Think out of the box and use some of your old stuff from your backyard and create furniture for your bathroom. This way you can save up a fortune and also recycle to save the environment.

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Feminine Room Decor

1) Pink - A girl's room can never be complete unless it is pink!

2) Canopy Beds - It is a fantasy of almost every girl to have a canopy bed, it makes her feel like a princess!   

3) Floral Patterns- anywhere in the room will do the trick!

4) A Big Closet- if you lack space you might pick an empty wall in your bedroom and install a railing to hang your clothes. Then hide it with a beautiful curtain!

5) A Nice Workstation

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

7 Must Haves To Arrange A Room For Your Comfort

7 Must Haves To Arrange A Room For Your Comfort


1) Use earthy tones to decorate your room.


2) Must have a couch with lots of cushions! 


3) Fill the room with sunshine. 


4) Must have a rustic coffee table 


5) Must have a fire place! 


6) Must have a rug!


7) Last but not the least a Giant bean bag is a MUST Have to crash on after a long day! 



Monday, 30 December 2013

DIY Plants In Bath Basket

 It is always good to have plants in your bathroom especially when there is no window in your bathroom. The plants can fill up your bathroom with their refreshing green color which will be really soothing to your eyes whenever you visit your bathroom. Plants will make your bathroom even more inviting and lively. Usually people do not have plants in the bathroom because they might lack space for the plants in their bathroom or either they cannot maintain them due to lack of sunlight in the bathroom. Thus artificial plants are a good option to have in your bathroom instead of real plants. They require no maintenance and look amazing throughout every season.

Today I will share with you a brilliant idea to decorate your bathroom with plants. For that you will need an old crate, some fresh green paint and a bunch of plants.

To begin with, write "Bath" with a pen on the crate so that you have a stencil to work on. Then using the green paint and paint brush write on the stencil you created earlier. Use a thick coat of paint as wood tends to absorb a lot of paint. Once done with the paint let it set till it is completely dry otherwise the paint might move in other direction spoiling your hard work.

Meanwhile in your bathroom select a corner and place a ladder there. The ladder will provide multiple uses in your bathroom. First it will hold your bathroom accessories like towels, gels, brush etc. and provide storage space if you do not have a cabinet in your bathroom. Secondly it will create a focal point in your bathroom and act as a decorative element. You can now place your plant basket next to it and fill it with some lush green plants and see the difference it creates in your bathrooms.